Black pepper & hair

Black pepper, also known as Piper Nigrum, is the most traded spice in the world.

A wide variety of cuisines around the world use the black pepper to upgrade their dishes with its delicious spiciness.
The spicy flavor is the result of a chemical alkaloid known as Piperine, which is different from Capsaicin that is found in chili peppers.
Black pepper is used for centuries in traditional medicine for its healthy beneficial traits of healing, allegedly, which include treating digestive problems.
Once it is harvested, it is stored and sold in different forms- grounded, dried, and more.

Black pepper oil is produced from dries peppercorns.
In the Ayurvedic traditions, for example, black pepper oil is used for massages.
The usage of black pepper as promoter of hair growth is also very common, because it contains anti-oxidants that can help boost the scalp blood flow.

7 benefits of black pepper extract:

Anti-inflammatory: Piperine, which if found in black pepper, is known to have special effects on healthy skin and hair. The Piperine has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects when applied locally on the skin or scalp.
Rich in antioxidants: this makes it a great healing and cleansing material for the hair and skin.

Digestive booster: Our hair`s condition start within, which makes our proper digestive system crucial for producing healthy hair follicles.

DHT blocker: The Piperine alkaloid partially blocks the enzyme 5-Alpha-reductase, which transform Testosterone into D-hydro-testosterone (DHT).
DHT is associated with hair loss, by reducing our blood flow, therefore damaging our ability to produce new healthy hair follicles.
Studies show that black pepper, when took with turmeric, has anti-inflammatory qualities for treating arthritis.

Blood flow booster: black pepper extract is known to boost blood flow, according to studies and to Ayurvedic traditions.

Anti-bacterial: Black pepper extract contains Piperine, which fights off bad bacteria, and also improve the biological availability of other herbal nutrients in our blood stream.

Treats wrinkles in the scalp: studies show that black pepper extract`s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant attributes, promote skin health. Also, is helps our body fight off free radicals, which our known to cause our skin to get wrinkly.

To sum up, add black pepper to your nutrition routine,
it is full of beneficial traits and can promote hair growth!