Does vitamin C promote hair growth?

We all know our hair`s health starts from within, and that hair loss is associated with factors like stress and diet deficiencies.

That`s why our nutrition even more important than our hair products.
Out of all nutrients that benefits with our hair, one vitamin is especially capable of strengthening it - Vitamin C.

Let's try to understand together the causes and effects it has on hair growth!

What is vitamin C?
Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic acid, is one of the most common and important vitamins, for it is involved in many processes in our body.
For example, it is considered a very effective antioxidant, it is crucial for the absorption of Iron, and is involved in creating collagen and carnitine – which are proven to improve hair growth.
Vitamin C plays a key role in absorbing vitamins, and experts claim that a vitamin C deficiency can cause digesting issues.

Vitamin C & Hair growth
Vitamin C is proven to help our body absorb Iron, which is a crucial mineral for hair growth.
(In cases of Iron deficiency, there is a high change of hair loss).

High doses of Vitamin C can benefit with our scalp activity, hair root strengthening and contributes to the hair fibers.
Vitamin C also contributes to the epidermal stem cells and hair follicles, that help regulate our hair growth.

In addition, as a powerful antioxidant, it reduced the number of free radicals which can stop hair growth.

Further Explanation:
Oxidative damage- a key factor in the development of many illnesses. Naturally takes place in our body and increases as we get older.
Free radical- a sole electron that travels inside our body causing damage
called "oxidation".

The number of radicals inside us can increase from air pollution, bad diet, stress and more.

So how can we stop the free radicals?
We can take natural supplements that contains Vitamins A, C and D, maintain a healthy diet, and consume a lot of vegetables and fruits.
To sum up, Vitamin C is a key ingredient in our healthy hair routine, and it might be the most important one!

Therefore, create your own healthy routine along with Fill-it, for a healthier hair!