5 Foods for healthier hair

Everything we eat, affects us.

If you had a salad, for example, you would probably feel lighter,
both physically and mentally.
You will feel good because you have nourished your body with food that gives good energy.

The opposite example will be French fries or hamburger.
If you eat those, you will probably feel a lot heavier, tired and your level of energy will decrease.

Our hair works the same way!

If you will make sure to "feed" it with nourishing food that makes it "feel good", make it grow, shine, be stronger – he will look and feel better. Feed it well and it will return the favor.

So here are some foods that are very beneficial for our hair`s health:

Broccoli and green leaves –contain Iron, which is an important mineral that enhances blood flow to our hair roots, therefore promotes healthy hair. Once we experience Iron deficiency, hair loss is very common. You can check your Iron levels with a simple blood test.

Sunflower seeds- highly recommended to add a spoon or two, as an addition to a salad for example. This will increase our intake on vitamins like Vitamin B and Biotin, which are crucial for our hair`s proper growth.

A Biotin deficiency could cause changes in the hair`s structure, which can lead to hair loss.

Carrot- the orange color means it is full of Beta-Carotene, which our body morph into vitamin A. Vitamin A is important to proper function of all body cells. Among other things, it helps produce the oils that are found on our scalp. You can also eat orange pepper, sweet potato or any other orange fruit or vegetable really, as a source of Beta-Carotene.

Chicken and Beef- contains a lot of Iron, Zinc and Vitamin B- all crucial for healthy hair. They are also packed with protein. Keratin is the main protein in our hair fibers, therefore consuming proteins can contribute to stronger hair fibers, and overall healthier hair.

Chickpea- besides being extremely healthy, they contain a lot of Zinc. Zinc plays a key role in keeping our scalp healthy. Zinc deficiency can lead to dry scalp and hair loss. Other foods which are rich in zinc are – milk, nuts, whole grains, Lentils and more.

Understandably, it is very difficult to integrate all of these foods in our diet,
that why you can take Fill-it capsules,
which contain all of the above and more, to ensure a proper vitamins and minerals intake for a healthier hair