Hair myths

We are obsessed with our hair!

Whether it is our regular haircuts at the hair salon, a new trendy hairstyle,
or even over-night coloring to satisfy our need for a change!
But most of us believe hair myths that simply have no grip on reality!
And that is why we`re here.

So! Are you ready to bust some myths?
Let`s begin.

1.When we cut our hair, it grows faster!
Cutting our hair usually gives us a fresh new look by cutting off the split-ends and increases our "new hair" sensation. It does not promote hair growth, but rather helps our hair grow in a more proper way.

2. Tight and stretched hairstyle weakens our hair!
Pulling our hairs too often can cause it to get weak and to split, and also promotes hair loss in the future. It is recommended to have a strongly tight hairstyle seldom, and is best to avoid it at all.

3. Frequent combing and brushing our hair makes it more beautiful and healthier!
Brushing our hair weakens our hair-roots and contributes to its breakage and splitting.
It can even cause hair loss in the future.
Also, it makes the hair greasier by spreading the scalp`s natural oil all over our hair.
Brush your hair in the right amount and frequency.

4.Wearing a hat can cause bold spots and tearing-
It is quite the contrary! Wearing a hat protects our scalp from sun rays that can damage it, weaken our hair fibers and cause breakage.
Of course, we need to make sure not to wear a hat that is too tight to prevent friction.

5. Hot blow-drying damages our hair!
The direct heat wave on our scalp can cause bold spots and overall damages our hair. It is best to use cold or medium heat blow driers or to let it dry naturally.

6. Taking Vitamins can improve hair growth and stop hair loss
Studies have showed that deficiency in vitamins A, B, C, and D are directly associated with hair loss, and that taking supplements that contain this vitamins, Zinc, Biotin and Collagen can help hair growth!
So how fortunate that all those ingredients (and more!) are found in a Fill-it capsule, and in the highest recommended doses!