How long does it take for our hair to grow?

If you ever experienced hair loss, you probably wondered how long it takes to grow it back.

Truth is, the answer varies from person to person, and is affected by many variables, like- overall health, stress, and genetics. But here are some useful tips that can help you better understand hair loss.

How fast does hair usually grow?
Without any external influence- our hair grows around 0.5 inch every month.
Which means in a year you grow around 5.5-6 inches of hair- of course, results may vary.

The reasons it changes between individuals could be:
Genetics, age, hormones, diet, stress, health issues and even the seasons have an impact on hair growth.
So, what can we do to improve our hair growth and give our hair the best conditions it needs?

Stress management- stress is a part of our daily life. We work, manage our household, cook, take care of our kids and more, and all while facing a global pandemic! It is important to remember to put our body first!
Meditation, yoga, and physical activity are proven to increase our quality of life and help escape from our demanding everyday routine.

Healthy and balanced diet- our body is like a machine, and for a machine to function properly, it needs strength and energy. Create your own healthy nutritional routine- eat at least 3 meals a day that contain all main food groups along with minerals and vitamins.

Understandably, sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the nutrients your body needs, so you can make your life easier by taking Fill-it supplement, which contains all the vitamins your hair needs- in the highest recommended doses.

Take care of your existing hair- use hair products that are suitable for you hair type and let your hair rehabilitate itself.

To sum up, be aware of your hair.
If case of unusual hair loss, consult with a doctor.

And remember- a healthy hair starts with a healthy body.