Stress & hair

We are all going through some rough times, that are very stressful.

Stress has a major impact on our hair, so here is everything you need to know about the connection between stress and healthy hair, and what could be done to treat it!

So how does stress affect our hair?
Like many things, our hair growth is cyclic. It has 3 main stages-
growth, transition stage and rest stage.
On an average day, we lose around 50-100 hairs, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.
When we experience stress, pressure, or anxiety, our hair cycle gets disrupted, and we may experience hair loss or severe hair thinning, which can take place even 2-3 months after the stressful event.

How can we treat this condition?
In situations like such, our hair gets more brittle, so it is important for us to know how to treat it properly.
Our hair`s health begins with a healthy scalp- it is crucial for proper hair growth. Therefore, it is important not to dry the scalp`s natural oils.
You can unsure it by washing your hair only every other day.

Hair enrichment products:
Use products like Shea butter, Argan oils, Jojoba and Avocado oil to boost your scalp`s moisture.

Try not to pull your hair together in an aggressive way, for this can hurt your hair roots. While using blow driers, curlers, and hair straighteners- it is very important to pay attention to the temperature your scalp is exposed to.
That is because extra heat on your scalp can cause breakage of hairs.
If you must use them frequently, apply heat protective spray.

Treatment from the inside out:
-Massage your scalp to increase blood flow.
-Use hair mask once a month.
-Make sure your diet is Vitamin and Mineral rich.
-Practice breathing, meditate, go for a walk.

-Most important- take Fill-it to increase your hair`s health and to boost your hair fiber strength.