Sun exposure and hair damages

Summer is officially here, and it brings some advantages and disadvantages to our body and soul.

On one hand- summer brings a worm feeling, days are spent in the open air and an amazing freedom sensation surrounds us – which benefits with our mind.

On the other hand- the sun`s UV radiation is at its peak, and our time at the beach or pool, besides being extremely joyful- also contains risks and damages to our skin and hair.

So, we listed some useful tips for your healthy summer time routine- for you and for your hair!

Does the sun damage our hair?
While you`re packing your bag before hitting the beach, other than water and snacks, it is highly important to pack a wide brim hat, body sunscreen and facial sunscreen! Because, yes, the sun`s UV rays can do some serious damage, especially to your hair.

The sun`s rays contain ultra-violet light (known as UV radiation). This invisible radiation damages human cells, including your scalp and hair cells which ultimately form the structure of your hair.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends applying products that blocks the suns radiation (SPF) whenever you`re going outside for a while, and especially during the summer and during noon hours.

Use products of at least SPF 15 to block the dangerous rays.
It is important to dedicate a few moments to applying your SPF to all of your skin, including parts of your scalp that may be exposed to the sun.

The UV radiation effects on your hair
The sun`s damages happen in the cellular level. The UV rays causes the cell structure to weaken or dissolve, which can ultimately significantly damage your hair.

Long exposure to direct summer sun can cause:
-Loss of natural hair humidity- the damage could be double if you also swim in Chlorinated pools (especially for colored hair).
-Sunburns on your scalp or hairline.
-Bleaching effect to your hair.
-Damage to the natural proteins in your hair, or protein loss- could make your hair weak and breakable.
-Dry or frizzy hair. 
-Damage that can lead to split-ends or even hair loss.

TIPS for preventing sun damage
Create your own summer care routine- remember,
small changes can prevent big problems later on.
Damaged hair can take some time to be rehabilitated.

Usually, it will need proteins to compensate the sun`s damages, and to regain its natural moisture.

How to protect your hair from sun damages
There are many ways in which you can avoid being exposed to direct sun,
or protect your hair and scalp while exposed- here are a few ways to do so:

Use hair sunscreens
there are many products that display their SPF rate to choose from. If you prefer natural products, try one with carrot seed oil and with a high SPF rate.

Tropical oils
try using one of the common oils from tropical countries- like coconut oil or palm oil.

Hair style
tuck your hair in a ponytail to keep as much of it away from direct sun. This also helps to regulate its moisture during the exposure.

Just like your skin, covering your hair will provide shade and will protect if from UV rays.
Don`t be lazy- wear a hat or a scarf around your head.

Avoid sun
try to minimize your sun exposure during 10:00-14:00,
when the UV radiation is at its peak.

To sum up- Summer is a refreshing joyful time for most of us, but just as we won`t eat junk food everyday out of consideration to our bodies,

we also need to consider the sun`s damages to it and help to prevent it!