Washing our hair in the shower- how and why?

Washing our hair is an everyday act, and an integral part of our hair care routine.
But so many of us make critical mistakes that can lead to hair damage,
without even knowing it!

So, here are 8 great tips for better hair washing– and better hair.

1. Washing your hair too often- even the best of shampoos contains ingredients designed to neutralize oily hair, therefore, daily washing can make your hair very dry. Try to avoid it by washing it every other day.
If your hair starts feeling greasy- you can use a dry shampoo.

2. The water is too hot!
Another reason is the water temperature. Hot water can break the hair and make it lose its elasticity.
Just like hot water on your skin can burn you, the same goes for your hair.
Try showering with warm temperature instead.

3. you are using the wrong products for your hair
Just like different people use different shade of make-up or body lotion, the same goes for your shampoo and conditioner.
If you are using a product that does not suit your hair type, you may be damaging it. Try learning about which products suits you best, and your hair will show you its gratitude!

4. too much shampoo
After selecting the right one for you, it is important to use is in the right amount!
Common belief is you need wash all your hair from the scalp to the tip – but in fact, the shampoo is made mainly for you scalp.
Try massaging your scalp with it, and the rinse will do the rest of the job for you- gently washing down your entire hair.

5. too little conditioner-
Like the last advice, but different- conditioner is all about smoothing your hair. Use a generous amount of conditioner, especially if you have a long or thick hair.
Make sure you massage all your hair, and particularly the scalp – so it will get into your scalp`s pores and cleanse them.

6.Take care of your scalp-
Just like a tree`s roots are the base of all branches – your scalp is responsible for most of your hair problems, and therefore it is also the solution! It is important to massage it gently and clean it from dandruff or dirt.

7. Don`t brush your hair when wet
Brushing wet hair can cause tearing, and eventually much more harm than good. When you comb wet hair, you might pull your hair roots, which can slowly lead to hair loss in the future.
Instead, try running your fingers along your hair to untie those tangles in a natural way until your hair is fully dry.

To sum up, be aware of your hair and create a healthy routine for it.
Invest in it, and don`t neglect washing when needed, learn about the best products for you and use only them!

And of course, don’t forget to take your hair vitamins-
for a real treatment, from the inside out.

Because a happy and full hair – makes you healthier and happier.