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fill it Hair supplement case

Fill it is a powerful capsule that combines vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the highest doses in the country.
Our formula has undergone a long development that has been tailored exactly to your needs with the help of the best minds in the country. With the help of our capsules, you will be able to fill the nutritional deficiencies that exist in your body and cause hair loss,
thinning and breaking of hair.
Regular use of the dietary supplement will bring your hair to its peak.
You will feel the difference already after two or three months of daily taking.
Each jar contains: 60 capsules
Instructions for use: 2 capsules a day, morning and evening after a light meal or 2 together after a full meal

Choose a case:

Basic - a package for two months
$ 119

Premium - a package for three months
$ 159

Lux - a package for six months
$ 249

Sugar free

Gluten free


made in Israel

Not tested on 


Main components

Collagen - Collagen flexes and strengthens the hair just as it revitalizes the skin, so does the hair follicles and is proven to prevent hair breakage and hair loss as a result.

Folic acid - is responsible for the growth and regeneration of cells in the hair tissue.

Biotin - helps red blood cells carry oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles, a very important process for new hair growth.

Vitamin B6 - helps speed up the blood supply to the scalp, which stimulates the hair follicles and is proven to encourage growth.

Zinc - responsible for the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands around the hair follicles. Hair loss is a very common symptom of zinc deficiency because when there is no fat, the hair dries and falls out.

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