Calm it - Premium
Calm it - Premium
Calm it - Premium
Calm it - Premium
Calm it - Premium
Calm it - Premium
Calm it - Premium
Calm it - Premium
Calm it - Premium
Calm it - Premium

Make your hair great again


Our world is going through changes.Epidemics, climate change and natural disaster  led Almost half of the world's population suffer from stress and anxiety.A stressful and anxious lifestyle is directly associated with some physical conditions, such as – shedding hair, digestive problems, Skin problems, weakness and more.
We believe that a healthy body begins with a healthy and relaxed daily routine.As part of our product development, we created a unique combination of active ingredients that have been proven to soothe anxiety. This way, you can get that much needed relaxation time. Our formula mainly contains flower extracts and natural herbs that will put your mind at ease.
With the help of our innovative products, you can create a healthy, and most importantly - relaxed life routine!To create a comprehensive treatment, we highly recommend using our complementary products of the Wellness series.

Choose a case:

Basic - A case per month
$60    $70

Premium- A Two-Month Package
$110    $120    

Sugar free

Gluten free


made in Israel

Not tested on 


Main components

Saffron- Contains Kerosene-like components that are proven to reduce anxiety and stress. 

Magnesium - Known to suppress stress and anxiety hormones like Adrenocorticotropin.

Rhodiola - Boosts Serotonin release in our brain (our good mood hormone) and reduces Cortisol levels (our stress hormone).

Ashwagandha - Regulates our blood pressure and induces relaxation.

Passionflower - Much more than just a sweet fruit, it can increase GABA activity – a neurotransmitter in our body – and fight off depression.


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